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St Faith’s C A M B R I D G E

here are many reasons why The Times Education Supplement named St Faith’s 2019 Pre-Prep/ Prep School of the Year. Not least, according to the judges, because of the school’s innovation, commitment to sustainability and narrative of excellence in a number of key areas of school life, but also because: Ƚ Ƚ Opportunities to learn, explore, create and think abound in every classroom, from English to engineering, science to sport, and classics to computing. Ƚ Ƚ Children at St Faith’s are developed, nurtured and taught to equip themselves well for life, whatever path they choose to tread. Ƚ Ƚ World-class teachers tailor their styles to meet each child’s individual needs, making lessons accessible, engaging and challenging for every pupil. Ƚ Ƚ The school’s academic curriculum (including computing and engineering) is groundbreaking in its innovative content, resulting in an average of 28 senior scholarships awarded annually. Ƚ Ƚ Future-facing academic subjects are interspersed with numerous sporting endeavours, musical experiences, artistic creations and dramatic performances. Ƚ Ƚ Children have the space and time to express themselves away from the classroom, thanks to a spacious site, carefully planned timetables and holistic pastoral care structure. Ƚ Ƚ Across all subjects the school follows an accelerated curriculum, thanks to small class sizes, talented teachers and pupils’ above-average abilities. Ƚ Ƚ Every classroom is equipped with the latest teaching technologies, while screen-free days ensure teaching is not digitally reliant. Ƚ Ƚ The library boasts over 12,000 volumes relevant to all readers, from the youngest to the most advanced.

Ƚ Ƚ The engineering and computing facilities are equipped beyond many inventors’ wildest dreams, complete with virtual reality studios and an astronomy suite. Ƚ Ƚ A state-of-the-art STEM Hub provides expansive indoor space for large-scale interdisciplinary projects, including home-made wave machines and suspension bridges. Ƚ Ƚ Plentiful sporting opportunities – not just a focus for glory and trophy collection, sport empowers mental as well as physical fitness, resilience, team spirit, and is an emotive demonstration of getting out of life what you put in. Ƚ Ƚ St Faith’s performing and creative arts develop self- belief and confidence and give children a lifelong appreciation of the arts.


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