Cambridge Education Guide Spring:Summer 2020 Newsletter



Cambridge Seminars College C A M B R I D G E

stablished in 1981, Cambridge Seminars College is a warm, friendly and high-achieving college. CSC is renowned for its teaching excellence, its personal attention to student needs and its individual support to students. For the past 39 years, it has been preparing students for their university studies both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and continues to strive to meet and exceed the students’ expectations. Cambridge Seminars College specialises in Foundation, A-Levels, Pre-Master’s, Pre-Doctoral programmes and English language courses. CSC’S MISSION The college’s core mission is to ensure that every student can fulfil their potential and achieve their academic aspirations. Alongside this, students are seen as individual people, helping them to develop their self-confidence, maturity, social skills and much more. TO ACHIEVE THIS MISSION, THE COLLEGE STRIVES TO: Ƚ Ƚ Provide a system of wrap-around pastoral care, ensuring that students are fully supported in a caring and safe environment throughout their stay. Ƚ Ƚ Ensure students have high aspirations, both in terms of their behaviour and their academic pathways. Ƚ Ƚ Provide a first-class curriculum and negotiated syllabus, providing individual attention and allowing individual needs to be met and students stretched, challenged and supported as necessary. Ƚ Ƚ Work with students, parents, agents and other


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