Cambridge Education Guide Spring:Summer 2020 Newsletter



has been widely reported. Our city is the most unequal in the UK, according to the Centre for Cities. Our area isn’t as good at helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds reach the expected standard in reading, writing and maths. In England as a whole, 51% of children aged seven to 11 reached those educational goals. Here, it was just over 30%. At the other end of the age range, adults are increasingly turning away from learning in later life, with under a third in our part of the country choosing to participate in any form of education, compared with 43% in the West Midlands, for example. Increasingly, schools are having to rethink the ways they prepare pupils for a future world where many of today’s certainties are likely to have been replaced with completely new ways of doing things. Ask any senior teacher for the key words they would choose to sum up what really matters when it comes to education, and it’s more than likely that creativity, resilience, adaptability and wellbeing would all feature. Taking failure in your stride is an important component in the education process. You’ll find schools in our into schools in our area, using fun, arts- based strategies to support troubled and anxious children” “One local charity sends therapists


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