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ISSUE 77 19 May-15 Jun 2020

Big test: Fujifilm X100V / The premium compact camera available? Probably


Our worlds changed in lateMarch. For PN, with photo retailers closed and camera clubsmeeting virtually, getting copies out to readers became a priority. Through our website,mailing list and with the help of the PAGB, we launched the Get PN for Free campaign, offering readers a free three- month delivery to their front door of Photography News .We have been inundated with requests and are glad somany of you took us up on the offer. “Agreat initiative – thank you,”said Liz Kenny fromFrodshamand District PS, while Jason Ametrine fromShepshed and District CC said: “Thanks for doing this amazing offer at this hard time for us all.” To take advantage of this offer while you still can, email: hello@bright-publishing.comquoting PN free offer, as well as your name and address details*. The offer finishes on 31 May 2020. Every issue of Photography News is also available to read for free on our website and if you sign up to our newsletter, you will get a notification whenever a new issue comes out. Another innovation born out of the lockdown is the PN podcast, which can be enjoyed for free via our website,Apple Podcasts,YouTube and Spotify. In episode four, the PN team revealed their self- portraits. EditorWill Cheung took two approaches, bright and dark; editorial director Rog Payne went all multiple exposure; and contributing editor Kingsley Singleton took his in the loo. The resulting debatemakes for a compelling listen and you can enjoy the final images on our website. We’d love our readers to contribute to future episodes. Perhaps you have a view on our self- portraits or maybe a tricky question for the team? Email: . • *Terms and conditions apply. When the going gets tough, PN gets going… PN continues to innovate and deliver in these challenging times

We’re turning up the heat this summer, with a whole host of great content in themagazine and on our website to fire up your photography

IT HAS BEEN a challenging couple of months, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and lockdown restrictions are easing. Hopefully, they will continue to ease as we head towards high summer. Over our next three issues – starting with this one and running through June

and July – we’re delivering you a set list packed with headline acts including technique guides, interviews, gear advice and more. In each issue of the magazine, we’re hosting three ‘tents’ to get you in the festival spirit – photo kit, camera technique and video technique. Each month, you’ll find something new and exciting in the tents. In addition, you’ll be able to find even more festival content on our website and on The Photography News Podcast. (See right- hand story for more on our podcast.) This month, we’ve got mirrorless cameras appearing in the photo kit tent, long exposures in the camera technique tent and entry- level techniques in the video one. On our website, in the Summer Festival section, we’re releasing features on each of our core topics every week for the whole three months of the festival. It’s going to be fun and we hope you enjoy and learn from us over the coming months. So without any further ado, let the festival commence! •

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