FEED Issue 23


Martin Boudot is a French investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. Recently, he teamed up with director of photography Mathias Denizo for Paraguay: Poisoned Fields, which won the Sony Impact Award for Current Affairs at last November’s Rory Peck Awards. FEED talked to Boudot about investigative journalism in the digital age I INVESTIGATE ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES THAT ARE LINKED TO OUR WAY OF CONSUMING

FEED: How did you begin your career as a journalist?

Martin Boudot: I attended a public journalism school in France, one of the few, and specialised in broadcast journalism. The school had a partnership with the USA, so I did my third year at the University of Denver. And that is how I got exposed to the American way of investigating. That was in 2008. When I went to work for ABC News in Denver, it was interesting to see the differences between French and US journalism.

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