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It’s all well and good having a sophisticated set-up, but keeping it tidy, efficient and concealed is a challenge. Motion Impossible has the answer COVER YOUR TRACKS

Other key MagTrax features include: • Sensitive safety bumper • Customisable status light • Concealed magnetic strip • Magnetic safety markers • Quick movement, from paths to free-roaming. “Our mission is to build the most versatile and modular camera support systems,” comments Ben Dair, chief product officer at Motion Impossible. “We offer solutions that simplify and enhance repeatable moves and shot combinations – for camera operators and grips.” The AGITO MagTrax was exhibited at Cine Gear LA in June, and will also be on show at IBC 2022 in September.

“Using the AGITO MagTrax, combined with our Shotover G1, at the 94th Oscars allowed the JitaCam team to effortlessly transition along the stage, while concealing the path under the carpet,” describes John Pry, JitaCam president. “Award recipients could cross our path without even knowing it. This was production- and set-friendly – and never distracted the eye with an unseemly track.” The unit can be applied to a multitude of diverse scenarios, including live stage environments like concerts, OB and sports locations, quick-turnaround projects and virtual production studios. In terms of the all-important magnetic strip, the MagTrax facilitates an assortment of manoeuvres, moving nimbly from one strip to another. It will autonomously follow each path, while freeing up camera movement for single-operator capability. The 25.4mm adhesive magnetic strip is ideal for quick installation under carpet or laminate flooring. Or the 5x5mm square cross-section magnetic strip provides an unlimited choice of curve combinations and embedded situations – within a set, under turf or even ice!

A PREDICAMENT THAT goes hand in hand with any set, big or small, is the efficient concealment of production clutter. Even if you manage a haphazard way to tuck a spaghetti bowl of cables out of sight, or tidy apparatus into the corner, there are still hurdles to jump when seamlessly moving equipment throughout a shoot. Bristol-based Motion Impossible is a manufacturer of remote dolly systems and camera stabilisers, offering a product that deftly overcomes this obstacle – the AGITO MagTrax solution. When time is at a premium, the MagTrax acts as a discreet unit path or free-roaming system when required – using break-away and re-join (BAR). With a ranging repertoire of use cases, the production-proven unit enhances the existing Sports drive-ends, in turn enabling customers to follow a magnetic strip laid on a surface, underneath flooring or embedded elsewhere on-set. The strip can be removed and reset, even between takes, in minutes. Guaranteeing a repeatable move, it may be arranged in a variety of ways – beyond the capability of a regular track – giving it a flexible edge over more rigid solutions.


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