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saturation adjustments on the Log file, you get a beautiful set of colours out of the Kinefinity very easily. Those who have used the more expensive Kinefinity Mavo Edge 8K alongside Arri footage say it’s easy to match the images up, which is definitely a good thing. The Mavo Edge 6K has all the bells and whistles of the 8K version, but with a lower-resolution sensor, a slight reduction in the frame rates and a metal body, rather than carbon fibre. But it does cost around two grand less. If you absolutely must have 8K, then buy the flagship, but a 6K Mavo is more than enough for the most part. Like the full-frame 8K version, the 6K also has a dual ISO sensor recording in 12-bit ProRes 4444, as well as built-in electronically variable ND filters, some intelligent battery solutions and dual SSD media card slots. Plus, there are plenty of professional input and output options, with built-in Wi-Fi, timecode and genlock. Twin ‘video out’ sockets are a nice feature. You can have one connection to the monitor screen, and one to the EVF for the camera operator, as well as outputting via the SDI connection to a director’s monitor or Wi-Fi video transmitter. There is also a D-Tap port, 12v RS port and lens port for powering third-party accessories. The battery solution is very clever. The rear panel comes with a slot for a standard BP-U cell, to keep it as light as possible. Take that off to find an integrated V-Mount, for clipping on large batteries. We got more than three hours out of a 150-size V-Mount. The Pro kit comes with a dedicated Movcam base plate

“The Mavo Edge 6K has all the bells and whistles of the 8K version, but with a lower-resolution sensor”

reader. You may purchase empty caddies that take standard NVMe SSDs, to keep media costs as low as possible. Using two fast SSDs means you could set the camera up for relay recording or lower-res proxies to one card, with full footage to the other. But it can’t handle being an instant backup, since recording the full footage to both at the same time is too data intensive. At the front is the large KineMount lever-lock bayonet, to which you attach the corresponding mount to suit your lenses. There are mounts for PL and LPL, a passive Sony E-mount and a new Canon EF mount, complete with electronic contacts. With this new Mark III version, fit your EF in the standard bayonet fashion

that fastens to the bottom of the camera, which can take 15mm rails and a pair of Sony NP-F batteries. These power the camera or act as a backup. And they provide charge when the V-Mount battery runs out, all without having to stop filming. The Movcam kit does add weight, height and cost to the package, but is worth it for shooting with no power problems. For media storage, there are two SSD card slots. The kit comes with a pair of Kinefinity 1TB drives that clip right in. These have USB-C output, so can be offloaded to a computer without needing a card

FINER THINGS The camera’s details, including battery and storage options, make for a clever design

CLEAN AND CRISP Perfect for commercials and storytelling, the Mavo Edge 6K captures colour beautifully


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