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simultaneously. ATOMOS Stream employs industry-standard encryption to ensure that all data in transfers is protected. ATOMOS LIVE PRODUCTION Easy streaming from a single camera is a great tool, but the next step is a professional multicam livestream and switching technology – and ATOMOS has partnered with mobile broadcast specialists Mavis to develop just that. ATOMOS Live Production is a complete, cloud-based control room for live multicam events. The toolset includes a fully featured video switcher and sound mixer, with video effects and graphics, and even talkback. So each camera operator can be in real-time communication with the director. Live Production can work with any camera, from pro broadcast models to DSLRs, mirrorless and iPhones. The system provides timecode sync to all sources in the cloud and on every connected device. Using ATOMOS CONNECT or SHOGUN CONNECT devices, camera feeds are streamed to the Live Production system. Each stream can be controlled in real time from a browser, iPad app or any compatible control panel. Crew can direct, produce

and mix from any location. The integrated live talkback technology allows iPhones to be hooked up, so teams can communicate directly. Delivery destinations include a dedicated Apple TV app or iOS devices, so everyone can see productions go live. ATOMOS Live Production represents a shift in the technologies required for outside broadcasts and live events. ATOMOS has created a workflow that reduces the technical burden, lowers the knowledge barriers and eliminates the expense of conventional productions. It all hinges around the new ATOMOS CONNECT hardware and ATOMOS Cloud Studio services, available now, and free for an initial three months. From September, subscription plans will start from free to below £10 per month for ATOMOS Cloud to Capture and Atomos Stream, with pricing plans for ATOMOS Live Production to be announced shortly.

Capture to Cloud supports a ‘dual record’ mode, where ATOMOS CONNECT or SHOGUN CONNECT devices record two files with matching timecodes and metadata simultaneously. The full-resolution, Apple ProRes 422 or ProRes RAW version and a high-quality, but bandwidth-efficient, HEVC proxy version are produced. The proxy is automatically uploaded to the cloud via Wi-Fi using a new ATOMOS progressive file transfer protocol, which can begin uploading the file even as it’s being captured. These files can then be edited and the low-res versions replaced by high-res for final outputting. ATOMOS Capture to Cloud sets a new standard for the fastest way to transfer, securely back-up and share clips with any remote team members. ATOMOS STREAM Any ATOMOS network-enabled device can offer a live stream with free support to deliver content directly to a single platform including Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube and more. Later this year, ATOMOS aims to release a premium restreaming service, via ATOMOS Cloud Studio, to support the delivery to multiple platforms

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