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The latest ATOMOS CONNECT hardware makes it simple, fast and affordable to move your production to the cloud

IF YOU THOUGHT you were pretty clued-up about monitoring and recording features on ATOMOS devices, be prepared for a pleasant surprise. As well as all the benefits of HDR monitoring and RAW recording, the latest technology from ATOMOS adds a whole new world of simplified and streamlined production via the cloud. It’s a truly radical innovation for all video creators, streamers and filmmakers, but is also remarkably affordable and simple to use. By adding the £325 (ex VAT) ATOMOS CONNECT unit to any NINJA V or V+, it transforms your cinema camera, mirrorless or DSLR into a fully integrated device that supports cloud-based workflows. It adds a 12G SDI interface, ATOMOS’ AirGlu wireless timecode, multiple power options, plus Wi-Fi 6, network Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth LE capabilities. The ultimate accessory for your NINJA V. If you want something a bit bigger, the £1099 (ex VAT) SHOGUN CONNECT is a seven-inch model based on the existing SHOGUN, but has a brighter 2000-nit screen and multiple recording options. Like the NINJA V series, it combines HDR monitoring and RAW recording, and now adds cloud workflows with a loop-through 12G SDI IN and OUT interface. It has ATOMOS AirGlu wireless timecode, plus Wi-Fi 6, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth LE and USB-C connection. At the heart of this next-generation technology is the ATOMOS Cloud Studio, a collection of services including cloud

and live streaming using these network-connected devices. Cloud Studio, developed in partnership with app specialist Mavis, offers cloud-based live video production services for real-time collaboration. ATOMOS Capture to Cloud uploads files from ATOMOS CONNECT devices to cloud-based platforms including, while Stream uses any ATOMOS network-enabled device to livestream to popular platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube, among others. ATOMOS senior VP of product Paul Scurrell explains: “These products have been two years in the making and represent the next big step for ATOMOS. They are the first in a new line of connected products that help filmmakers take the big leap into a cloud-based workflow as easily as possible. “ATOMOS has been the gateway to Apple ProRes RAW shooting for so many camera manufacturers – and now we will help connect any professional camera to a cloud-based workflow. We are at the start of a massive growth in cloud-based video production for everyone.” ATOMOS CAPTURE TO CLOUD ATOMOS has introduced a powerful, flexible and immediate way to share clips from a camera with the ATOMOS CONNECT or SHOGUN CONNECT devices to remote teams, with the Capture to Cloud system. By removing the need to manually offload cards during production and wait for rushes to be reviewed, cloud workflow is much faster and allows teams to view and work on footage immediately. The platform launches with integration to All you have to do is connect any network-enabled ATOMOS device to the camera and begin uploading clips to the cloud. ATOMOS AirGlu provides a wireless timecode lock – an essential feature for all multicam post-production workflows. “It’s a truly radical innovation for all video creators and streamers”

How to Connect with Once an ATOMOS CONNECT or SHOGUN CONNECT is paired with a project, all recordings are instantly available to view in the app, or can be downloaded into integrated video apps, including Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve. Combining ATOMOS-connected devices with allows productions to accelerate their remote, distributed workflow – no matter the budget, crew size, or camera type. web and mobile apps are now free for subscribers to Adobe Creative Cloud, that includes Premiere Pro and After Effects.

FRESH TECHNOLOGY The SHOGUN CONNECT is a seven- inch unit with full-cloud workflow functionality built-in


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