Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018



complete with the latest firmware that was issued to cure some concerns that in certain situations, the prototype models would produce a repetitive flare pattern if a bright light was shone right down the lens. We had no such problems with our test unit, and it shows how serious Kinefinity is about curing any potential issues with the cameras quickly. The beauty of the Terra 4K is that the body only may be made of a titanium-coloured metal but it’s actually very small and light at 990g/2.1lb. Add on a lens, and a standard 7mm SSD and you can shoot like this, so it really is ideal for gimbals or drones. You’d have to feed power in to the camera and have some sort of remote monitoring, but professional gimbal and drone operators are used to this.

That should give potential buyers the confidence that there are local service centres and tech help, as well as a road map of future products. For now, the first camera to arrive is the Terra 4K. Revealed to a UK audience at a show early in 2018 in prototype form, it made a huge impact in terms of its spec, size and of course price. Looking every inch like a scaled- down version of a RED or ARRI ALEXA Mini, the Terra 4K has a smaller sensor than either of those cameras but a price tag that’s a fraction, too. A body only is £3834/ $5390 while the Pro Package with everything you need and Movcam shoulder support and Canon EF KineEnhancer lens mount, as we tested, is £7662/ $10,775. We got our hands on the first production version of the camera,

RIGHT Treat the modular Terra 4K like Meccano and build it to suit your style.


With amodular camera like the new Terra 4K, you can buy the body and add on the lensmount you require plus accessories. Or buy a kit – and save. Ifyou buy the Terra 4K body at £3834/$5390, all you need is a lens mount and you can start shooting – as long as you already have an external monitor, battery power and a 2.5in SSD in a 7mmwidth… Not all SSDs are thiswide, so buy carefully or use Kinefinity’s ownwhich costs £708/$995 for a 500GB version – more affordable than a RED, but many standard 7mmSSDs are even cheaper. The lensmounts fasten onto the body’s own KineMount using a PL-style locking lever. There are three different mounts for a Canon EF, aswell as mounts for Nikon, PL and Sony E. The Sony Emount has no electronic contacts, sowon’t workwith some of Sony’s own lenses. A newactive Sony Emount is coming soon. Atypical mount costs £504. The reality is that most userswould be better off buying a Basic Package with the body, the five-inchmonitor, multifunction side grip, two batteries with charger, an AC adapter and D-Tap power lead aswell as a 500GB KineMAG SSD for £5076/ $7140 and then you really can start shooting. The downside of this is you have no XLR inputs or SDI outputs, and the power comes fromone small battery in the grip. So you need a KIneBack module. For £6594/ $9270, the Pro Package comeswith a back to include XLR and SDI connectors, a V-mount connector for a large battery, Wi-Fi control and a customcase. For not a lot more - £6954/$9780 - you get the custom-made MovCamaccessories to turn it into a fully usable shoulder- mounted camera. This is the package wewould recommend as you have all the options you need to use the camera inmany different ways.

“Looking every inch like a scaled-down version of a RED or ARRI ALEXAMini, the Terra 4K has a smaller sensor”



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