Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018


T echnology can unlock some fascinating new doors but so often it takes someone with imagination to reveal the true potential of what’s beenmade possible. So it is with VFX artist Rufus Blackwell, who initially ran with the ability of DSLRs to deliver stunning time-lapse sequences and has nowmoved on to DJI’s Osmo stabiliser and the Inspire 2 drone to explore still further how hemight play with the very notion of time to create vibrant slices of city life, seen froma variety of angles. In Rufus’ world, everything has speeded up. And all the chaos of the busy streets, choreographed at times for maximum effect, can be squeezed into just a few moments. His aerial work is likewise extraordinary, sweeping views of skylines seen under a brooding sky, day turning miraculously into night in seconds and

post houses in London. My job was to take reality and improve it a little, and I worked on some incrediblemusic videos and TV commercials at this time. “I always loved photography and on the back of the evolution of DSLR cameras I became involved in creating time-lapse sequences. Shooting beautiful high-res uncompressed images gaveme, as a VFX artist, a great medium to work with.” Having previously lived inMalaysia Rufus had an enduring love for South East Asia and eventually decided to relocate to Vietnam. Withmodern communication keeping in touch, he relishes the opportunities his base in Saigon offers him. In particular the beautiful coastline and colourful city life that is an excellent source of subject matter, and it was an obvious place to focus onwhen DJI noticed the quality of his work and came knocking.

fireworks exploding all around the camera position. Much of what you see has been enhanced through post-production, but the bedrock of the footage still relies heavily on cutting-edge technology and the skill of the operator. “I studied filmat university,” says Rufus, “and was always interested in fiddling around with the technical aspects of the process. From there I went on to work in the visual effects industry, doing my training at Rushes, one of the best “Sweeping views of skylines, day turning miraculously into night, fireworks exploding”

IMAGE What do you get when you fall in love with time-lapse, VFX and drones? In Rufus Blackwell’s case, spectacular footage.



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