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Carry on convenience! Manfrotto’s new Pro Light Cinematic backpacks are designed to hold all your kit yet still be hand

“The first carry-on size backpacks to secure and organise a video kit”

luggage legal for flying I f you’ve ever had to check in your precious video kit for a flight, you’ll know what an agonising wait you face at the baggage carousel at your destination airport to see if everything has arrived in one piece, with its contents hopefully undamaged. There’s nothing that can ruin a shoot like missing or broken kit. Carrying on your whole equipment has also been near impossible, as hard-sided cases can be too bulky and heavy, aren’t well designed for the unique requirements of video kit and don’t have the external pockets to make it handy to store travel essentials like passports, travel documents or even a laptop or tablet. Italian photo and video giant Manfrotto now comes to the rescue of travelling filmmakers everywhere with the Pro Light Cinematic range, the first carry-on size backpacks to secure and organise a

complete video kit. And once you get to your destination, they are comfortable and practical to use on location. The newManfrotto Cinematic Expand and Cinematic Balance backpacks are lightweight and built to withstand the knocks of professional life, have the customisable Camera Protection System inside to cradle your gear and lots of pockets to store everything you need for shooting or travelling. And made from black material, they don’t scream to the world that they might contain expensive equipment which is a very real consideration in many places. These brand-newmodels have been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of modern videographers who need to be self-sufficient and carry lots of equipment. Cameras ranging fromDSLRs and small mirrorless cameras to full-size cinema cameras plus interchangeable lenses, hard drives, laptops, mics, recorders and even gimbals and drones – the bags can be customised to carry it all.

THIS PAGE Designed from the ground up for videographers, Pro Light Cinematic backpacks are a perfect fit for all your kit.



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