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that means a better product for our clients and hopefully more work coming our way.” Are there any downsides to this arrangement? For example, is there a danger that key clients could be poached by those inside the business? “The unique thing about Yodo is that we try not to become self-focused. It’s about helping each other out, and there is more than enough work out there to keep us busy. If someone inside the group is approached directly by a client it gets discussed and talked about openly and we then normally field the work around to the group so that the work is kept within the Yodo family.” Given all these advantages it’s interesting perhaps that more creatives haven’t chosen this kind

“A recent example of this was a client who came to us wanting to make a TV commercial for their new app and, as a collective, we were able to offer what a large agency could deliver, at a fraction of the price. However, we don’t undercut to win work. Instead we’re a passionate and creative team to work with, something that’s reflected in the repeat business we get from our clients. “It’s taken seven years to build up the team to where it is today, and the business is built on trust, teamwork and true collaboration. I’m not looking to take over the world, we just want to do what we all love, namely make great content and have as stress-free a working environment as possible. This in turn leads to greater creativity and

“Themodel only works with people you trust andwho have a passion for what they do”

of model to base their business around, but it does need a focused, business-minded person at the centre of things to keep everything organised and rolling along. “I would recommend that others might look at what we’re doing to see if it could work for them,” says Martin, “but would also add that the model only works with people who you can trust and who genuinely have a passion for what they do, along with a generous spirit. There will be times when Yodo works effectively free of charge because we believe in that member of the collective, and that member knows the support he or she is receiving and gives back at a later point. “Frommy perspective it’s been proven that we are stronger when we work together and it’s not always the individual’s place to be in the limelight. At the end of the day, we’re just privileged to be able to make films and tell the stories of others and be involved working with great creatives.”

ABOVE From drones to broadcast and lots more, Yodo have taken on a huge range of succesful projects. BELOW Not having to worry about hiring a crew means more focus can be put on creativity at all times.

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