Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018

The ultimate magazine for next generation filmmakers


70 SKY NEWS: ALL THE LATEST RED and Fujifilm team up for the ultimate UAV, the DJI drone award winners are announced and British Standards for unmanned aerial vehicles are revealed. 72 TIME LAPSE FROM A DRONE How one time-lapse specialist picked up backing to create an ambitious project to create stunning aerial versions of his amazing work. And mastering the technology was only part of the problem.



The rugged new Chinese-made cinema camera that’s packed with features but doesn’t break the bank sets a new standard for affordable, modular equipment. 90 SONY A7R III AND A7 III The latest mirrorless wonders are put through their paces as movie cameras, with shockingly good results. 100 FUJIFILM X-H1 AND MKX LENSES Retro-styled camera experts Fuji take cinema seriously with the new 4K mirrorless camera and its pair of matching MKX cinema zoom lenses that are ideal for photographers moving to movies. 104 ADOBE PRORES RAW A first test of the latest format from Apple shows this could be the biggest news on codecs for many years. 106 GROUP TEST: LED STUDIO LIGHTS From pricey and huge light panels to affordable and portable units, we test a group of mains-powered LEDs for all budgets. 116 MINI TESTS Sennheiser mic, Hague slider, Padcaster Verse, Sekonic light meter, LockCircle camera cage, Camrade bags and more reviewed. 124 BUYERS GUIDE: KIT FOR TRAVELLING If you’re trying to keep your kit light and portable for location shooting, check out our kit guide to suit all budgets.



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