Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018


Camgear V10P fluid head & Tripod System Filmmakers working off a tripod inevitably choose to work with a fluid head, and this new example from Camgear delivers professional quality drag performance, selectable four-position pan and tilt drag including zero position and silky smooth movement and precise framing. The head, which is available with a range of four filmmaking tripods, features a selectable eight-position counterbalance system, including zero position for payloads from 0-13kg/0-28.6lb, while a levelling bubble is provided to ensure straight horizons. Thanks to the inclusion of a zero position, the head is able to support small DSLR configuration and fully configured HDV cameras and cameras with light ENG configuration. Other features include 100mm ball levelling and a mini Euro plate quick release system to enable faster set- up of cameras.

“The head features a selectable eight- position counterbalance system”

ZunowWCX-80 Compact Wide Conversion Lens The high quality WCX-80 wide converter lens from Zunow provides x0.8 magnification for wide-angle shooting with full zoom-through capability and minimal barrel distortion. Whether you’re shooting landscapes or working in tight areas, the WCX-80 opens up the scene and allows you to get 20%more view into your frame. It can be used in virtually any shooting environment while preserving the highest quality images with exceptional sharpness. Compatible with a wide selection of Sony, Panasonic and JVC camcorders as well as a number of Canon lenses, you simply need to attach the ZunowWCX-80 to the 72mm or 62mm filter thread on your lens and you’re ready to go. You can even attach 82mm filters to the converter itself for added protection. LEFT The Zunow WCX-80 Wide Conversion Lens is compatible with Sony, Panasonic and JVC camcorders.

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