Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018


OPINION by Adam Duckworth


The world of filmmaking gathered for the NAB show in Las Vegas recently. It’s Sin City’s annual blow-out where all the new video kit is released, the technology of tomorrow is showcased and lots of experienced experts and brand ambassadors spout forth their views and learnings. It’s a wonderful place if you make films for a living, and you can learn an enormous amount. It attracts a huge gamut of visitors from every walk of life and with every sort of budget. There are Hollywood moguls looking for the latest cutting-edge SFX or camera jibs to create those never-to-be-forgotten scenes in forthcoming blockbusters. There are all sorts of ‘real’ moviemaking types with job titles that you see on the end of movies but don’t really understand. Key grip, best boy, lighting electrician, gang boss and craft service all have real jobs and scoured the halls in Vegas looking for, well... whatever they need to do their jobs. But there are also lots of visitors who are Pro Moviemaker readers – small production companies with a few employees, camera owner-operators, photographers making the move into filmmaking and various commercial video production companies. All ogling kit, of course. The vast majority were most interested in how to make money in a toughening market – where a film school graduate can buy a camera and some kit, use a laptop and set themselves up as a professional filmmaker. The consensus for building a successful business seemed to centre on delivering quality, rather than shoddily-filmed clips to be used on Facebook. For social media, low quality is accepted. But with TV production quality now being so high – think of Game of Thrones or Peaky Blinders – a cinematic look is increasingly being demanded by discerning clients. These are the people who recognise and want quality, and will pay for it. Find them, keep them happy and thrive, was the clear message to all. WHEN FILMMAKERS GATHER, THE TALK TURNS TO... MONEY!

Welcome to the summer edition of Pro Moviemaker and, as you might expect from an issue that was completed immediately post the NAB Show, it’s packed full of news and reviews of some of the best of the killer products that have been released over the past few weeks. Inside you’ll find in-depth reports from our team on the show floor plus a full analysis of the key announcements across the board, including reaction to the headline-grabbing, and potentially game-changing, announcement of ProRes Raw. Reviews in this issue include the amazing Kinefinity Terra 4K camera, set to become a further option for higher-end filmmakers, the newmodels in the Sony A7 range and the Fujifilm X-H1, the company’s first serious foray into the movie-capable arena. We’ve also lined up a group test of studio lighting for the filmmaker, including many products that are also equally capable of being taken out into the field. On the feature front we’re looking at how VR is adding a cutting edge to coverage of events in war-torn and disaster-hit areas around the world, talking to a filmmaker who is creating incredible timelapse sequences with his drone and finding out how some of TV’s top shows are relying on cameras that are well within the price range of commercial filmmakers. Lots to catch up on as always and enjoy the read!



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