Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018


Canadian company Back-bone takes action cameras like Sony’s RXO, GoPro’s Hero cameras and the YI Action cam, removes the standard super-wide angle lens and fits an interchangeable lens mount in its place. A modified Sony RX0, called the RibCage RX0, costs £983/ $1399 and allows you to fit manual Micro Four Thirds lenses or C-mount lenses, for example. A similar-spec Ribcage GoPro Hero 6 Black costs £632/ $899. If you have your own GoPro Hero 3 then a fit-yourself kit costs just £49/ $69. BIG LENSES FOR SMALL CAMS

JVCgets Connected

slots for SDHC/SDXC media, a 3.26-inch OLED colour viewfinder and a 3.5-inch LCD panel. There is a genlock input, time code in/out, dual 3G-SDI outputs and an HDMI output, three XLR audio inputs, ethernet and USB ports, wireless audio module slot, and an additional slot for future expansion. Available in June, the GY-HC900 comes with a 20x lens at $18,500 or body only at $13,950. No UK prices have yet been announced.

JVC has strengthened its position as master of streaming with the launch of the GY-HC900 Connected Cam broadcast camcorder, which features three ⅔-inch CMOS sensors. It features new streaming technology that enables simultaneous recording and streaming with virtually no delay thanks to built-in Wi-Fi with dual external antennas. The weather-resistant camera has a B4 lens mount, produces full HD images as well as HDR mode and up to 120fps 1080p slow- motion recording. It has dual memory card Rode’s affordable VRmic

Kinefinity revealed its 6K Super35 Mavo and full-frame 8K Mavo LF modular cameras at the NAB show. The two cameras are big brothers to the 4K Terra we test in this issue. They are both a similarly small size and form to the Terra but have a new look. The 6K Super35 Mavo, which will be available soon at a cost of £7074/$7999 body only, has ProRes, Cinema DNG and Kinefinity’s own Raw format, and shoots 6K wide up to 66fps, 4K wide up to 100fps and 3K wide up to 196fps. The LF has identical spec apart from no 1.5x crop factor. No price has been announced for the 8K Mavo LF as yet. Also at NAB, Kinefinity showed its new range of full-frame cine lenses for the first time, built by Chinese filter company Nisi. A set including the 25mm T2.1 and T2.0 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm optics will cost just £10,795/ $15,180. KINEFINITY GOES BIG TIME

Microphone giant Rode has revealed its own ambisonic microphone, the NT-SF1, which is the most affordable type of its mic on the market. At £700/$999, the VR mic is based on a completely new capsule design and is said to offer extremely low noise, smoothness and extension of frequency response. The ambisonic arrangement is developed by high-end VR audio expert SoundField.



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