Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018


TRAVELLING FILMMAKERS We take a look some great kit for filmmakers while travelling or on the move, suitable for all budgets



1. CAMERA: SONY DSC RX100 MARK V £899/$948

When running through airports, getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of cities and facing all kinds of global weather conditions, you’re going to need kit that is compact, lightweight and durable, yet still gets results. In this issue we take a look at kit for filmmakers on themove – reliable, portable gear that causesminimumhassle. In the fifth of our Buyers’ Guide series, we sort the kit into three different cost levels. For the Budget Minded, it’s kit that gets you working at a price that won’t break the bank. Pro Performer equipment might require a littlemore investment, but it’s workhorse kit brimming with invaluable features and performance. And for those who can afford to go all out, turn to the DreamBuys page for all the latest high-end gear.

Although a couple of years old now, this compact camera deserves way more praise than it currently gets. Ignore its reputation as a simple vlogging camera; it is compact, lightweight at only 299g and boasts many professional features. Surprisingly, it’s capable of feeding an uncompressed 1080p in 60/24p and 4K 24p video signal. It’s only capable of just over an hour of battery life, so you’ll want some spares but it can be powered through USB. This latest version of the RX100 series maintains the 1.0-type image sensor and has fast autofocus from 315 AF points. It’s a great budget solution for the travelling filmmaker, particularly in point- and-shoot scenarios due to its autofocus tracking features, not to mention its 4K capabilities – practically unheard for this type of camera.

Weighing only 80g and with a length of 175mm, the AT875R is one of the shortest shotgun mics available, making it ideal for jet- setting filmmakers. It features a well-balanced frequency pattern, good off-axis rejection from the sides and rear of the mic whilst also providing a narrow acceptance angle of 60° and natural-sounding on-axis audio quality. That means it’s perfect for long-distance sound pickup. It’s also uncommonly well- suited to both indoor and outdoor environments due to its built-in low cut/high pass filter reducing any undesired rumble. Although only operating off phantom power it can be connected with the majority of external audio recorders for top-quality sound. With an additional bonus of an initial two year warranty, the AT875R would give savvy spending travelling filmmakers high-end audio quality at a fraction of the usual cost. 2. AUDIO: AUDIO TECHNICA AT875R £132/$169


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