Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018



LOCKCIRCLE BIRDCAGE PRO-S BUNDLE £429/$379; Lockport Flex £150/$179 You only have to shoot video with a mirrorless camera for a short time to realise there are some pretty severe limitations to the ergonomics as well as a lack of mounting-point options for accessories like monitors. A camera cage is a popular accessory, and there are loads of different ones available at a variety of price points. But not all camera cages are created equal. Many don’t fit properly, some are made from cheap materials and very few consider the ergonomics and needs of the filmmaker. LockCircle’s BirdCage Pro-S bucks this trend; it is specifically designed for the Sony A7 Mark II series by real filmmakers. What makes it special is its asymmetric design, making it ideal for grabbing the camera comfortably with the right hand while leaving access to all the accessory ports on the left side. It adds very little bulk to the package and is still comfortable to handhold. But best of all, the BirdCage Pro-S version is the first cage of its type that allows you to use Sony’s audio accessories which fit to the Multi- Interface hotshoe. If you use Sony’s “The cage fits very closely to the camera, without affecting any of the controls” RIGHT The Birdcage Pro-S is perfect for A7 Mark II series cameras with Sony audio. BELOW The attention to detail is second to none, from the etched titanium screws to the packaging.

SPECIFICATIONS Material: CNCmachined aluminiumalloy with titanium fasteners Colours: Black or titanium Baseplatemounting threads: ¼in and⅜inwith¼in adapter Dimensions (WxHxD): IMS Block to allow solid fitments for lenses in PL, Canon EF, Nikon F, Panavision and Leica lenses. It’s part of a top-quality system that works well, is incredibly well thought-out and can be customised for just about any shooting situation. AD. and can be repositioned in different locations. It’s a neat solution to the problem of damaged HDMI sockets on the camera – a common issue. Other accessories include a baseplate that can be used to fasten on Metabones adapters plus a standard

own wireless mic system or XLR adapter, the Birdcage Pro-S is the only full-coverage rig that will fit, which alone makes it worth the asking price. Like all LockCircle products, the BirdCage is very well made and bolts together using lightweight titanium hex-head screws that even have the logo etched into them. The kit comes with tools you need, all in a classy wooden box. You know you are buying something special and well designed. The cage fits closely to the camera, without affecting the controls. The only small issue is that the A7R III has a locking knob on top of one control dial which is fiddly to get to with the cage on. But many users would leave this on movie mode anyway. There are over 100 mounting points with a variety of conventional threads, which allow you to fit mounting arms for any accessory you like such as monitors or a cine-style lens mount with follow-focus. The Pro-S kit also comes with a top handle which fits while using Sony’s XLR mic adapter but not with the UWP wireless mic kit. If you don’t mind relocating the handle off-centre, it can still be bolted on, though. If you don’t want the top handle, the kit is £162/$159 less. One worthwhile accessory to splash out on is the LockPort Flex at £150/$179, which protects the fragile micro-HDMI output socket. The kit includes an adapter to convert the output to a full-size HDMI cable

115x100x167mm/ 4.53x3.94x6.57in Weight: 307g/0.68lb

PROMOVIEMAKERRATING: 9/10 Awell thought-out and built cage that solvesmany of the problems that affect the Sony A7 II series Pros: A great cage for A7 II cameras with Sony audio Cons: Tricky to get to themode dial



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