Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018



Size: 44.0x49.3x10.7cm/ 17.3x19.4x4.2in Weight: 2.5kg/5.5lbs Power: 3460WTungsten equivalent CRI: 95 Colour temperature: 3150-6300K Battery: 1 x V-Mount HOW IT RATES Features: 8/10 Has all the basics that an average DOP would need Performance: 9/10 One of the best power-to-consumption ratios and the ability to squeeze hours out of a V-lock battery Handling: 8/10 The big red buttons on the back and red illuminated menu screen makes it very easy to work with Value for money: 9/10 It’s a very good price point for a very nice light PROMOVIEMAKERRATING: 8.5/10 Pros: Excellent battery power and provides a bright light source Cons: Barn doors clunky to operate

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


its predecessor and Rotolight say it has the best power consumption ratio in the industry when output is brought into the equation. I recorded 2.34 foot-lamberts at full power, 5600K from6ft compared to 1.62 with the older version. That means that the light will operate for more than three hours with V-Lock batteries. Weighing in at 2.5Kg/5.5lbs, it is very transportable and the solid designmakes it a good on-the-road choice. There are no colour options, but pressing both buttons simultaneously unlocks 13 different special effects including fire, lightning and gunshot, each of which can be set to a different frequency. Rotolight says the effects have been improved compared to the previous model, but in a comparison test the difference seemed relatively small. Cosmetic peach andmagenta filters, as well as a couple of diffusers, ship with the light to give some colour tint options. The light is also useable as a high-speed sync flash option for photographers by using the inbuilt wireless radio receiver, to connect up to an ElichromSkysport transmitter fromup to 200m. The transmitter can also be used to wirelessly control brightness, colour temperature and the cine special effects. It has the standard

As a long-termRotolight Anova 1 owner, I was intrigued to see how the company had improved on its popular bi-colour version. A dramatic blockbuster-style promo filmat the tail-end of last year heralded the launch of themark II, accompanied by claims of a 70% improvement in brightness levels thanks to technological improvements and a rise in the total number of LEDs, from720 to 960. After testing it out I can confirm that it certainly does packmore of a punch, although perhaps still not quite as much as some other models in this price bracket. There’s a simple, clean feel to the design of the control systemon the back of the light, with two big red buttons providing easy access to brightness and colour temperature control. There’s a bit of a sudden drop-off at the bottomend of the dimmer - between 1%and 0 - and the range is not quite as great as some other models between 3150K and 6300K, although what’s provided would still be more than enough for most situations. The Anova is designed to be a bit of an all-rounder, useable either as a rig light in a studio environment or as a location light, and it can bemains- or battery-powered through V-lock batteries. The power rating of 72W for the newmodel is greater than

five-pin DMX socket and an Ethernet point for linking up to a computer set-up. Another potentially useful piece of technology is the Rotolight ‘Magic Eye’ app that allows you to sample both the intensity and colour of ambient light using an iPhone or an iPad, and then reproduce it through the Anova. You could also remotely sample colour temperature and transmit this information anywhere in the world, enabling synchronisation of colour both on location and in the studio. Meanwhile, in the fader page, it’s also possible to control multiple lights, and store/recall scenes with transitions, wirelessly. Very high tech and no doubt extremely useful, the Anova Pro 2 is a great all- rounder light that will do an excellent job for those shooting stills as well as making movies.


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