Pro Moviemaker Summer 2018


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SPECIFICATIONS Size: 357x312x438mm/ 14.1x12.3x17.2in Weight: 7.25kg/16lbs Power: 300W CRI: 97 Colour temperature: 2800-6500K Battery: 48VDC HOW IT RATES Features: 8/10 Has all the basics and a beautiful zoom focus function, but lacks bells andwhistles Performance: 9/10 Throws out a powerful light and provides a nice even washwith no hotspots Handling: 8/10 It’s heavy but the functionality is good and it’s a sturdy design Value formoney: 8/10 One for higher- end filmmakers, but in its class it’s decent value PROMOVIEMAKERRATING: 8.5/10 Pros: A beautifully engineered compact package Cons: Lacks the additional effects youmight expect at this price

to the majority of qualified 48volt DC batteries. There are no colour or special effects options, but there is the option to change the colour temperature from 2800- 6500K, and magenta or green hues can be added up to 0.25 in either direction to blend in with the environment. The interface on the back is simple to use: a spring-loaded illuminated on/off switch and three large knobs are included for colour temperature, hue and power/ brightness. A simple, self-lit display shows colour temperature, power, hue and a DMX indicator. The light has an incredibly smooth drop-off at the bottom end of the dimmable range, going down to 0.1 before falling out. The scrolling mechanism is quite fast on the colour, hue and brightness buttons and it would be nice to have the option for more finite control, but if you want to alter these functions quickly it’s great. The light comes with the option to add barn doors and the case also includes a magnetic ring, which can be used to attach gels, filters and scrims. It’s got an IP rating of 24 so will stand up to a bit of rain, too. As with all lights of this class, it’s DMX ready with up to 512 lights and you can do firmware updates through an onboard port. This is an excellent light and it really highlights the power you can squeeze out of the latest generation of LEDs. If you have the money, it’s a great option.

If you’re looking for a light that will punch like a heavyweight, then the Fiilex Q8 Travel Light is a knock-out. Describing it as a travel light is perhaps a little bit of a stretch when it weighs 7.25Kg/16lbs including the detachable yoke, but its solid metallic build and rubber bumpers front and rear certainly give it a rugged, robust feel that would stand up to rough handling on location as well as anything the studio could throw at it. The Q8 boasts a customised 20cm/ 8in fresnel lens that creates a beautiful wash of soft LED light, and a zoom angle that can go from a 12-degree spot to a 60-degree flood. Fiilex claims this is one of the longest ranges in the industry, and it holds a beautiful quality of light throughout, with the option to flood a wide space or focus a uniform beam into a tight spotlight with defined edges. There’s a little bit of physical noise when the cooling fan kicks in, but the wide air vents provide a window into the beautiful engineering under the bonnet. In contrast to many other LED systems, the Fiilex employs a wrapping system that densely packs many diodes together inside the reflective lens, creating a powerful array that gives an intense, specular light. The light is DC powered, via a rather bulky AC/DC adaptor that can be bolted onto rigging, or a C-stand, in horizontal or vertical positions using a clamp that comes included. It can also connect up


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