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THE VERDICT If you are a professional

to steal hardcore filmmakers away from their current non- Fujifilm set-ups. But for stills shooters, especially Fujifilm users who already have a bag of X-mount glass, it’s a great way to make the leap into professional filmmaking.

photographer looking to get more serious about shooting moving images then the X-H1 and its matching MKX cinema lenses is a sizeable investment but will take you into a whole new world of filmmaking. The lenses bring true cinema quality to the Fuji system, and are light with great image quality and sublime handling. At £7298/ $8298 it is a serious investment in glass, but they will last for years and always have great residual value. In comparison, the camera batteries to go in it, looks like a real bargain. Its credentials as a fine stills cameras are proven, and it is a brilliant video camera, too. It’s geared up so that inexperienced users can simply without any faff in grading. And as your skills grow, you can shoot in Log and create your own looks. The Fujifilm X-H1 and cine lens duo with grip and batteries costs £9434/$10,660 so isn’t likely body at £1699/$1899 plus another £437/$463 for the battery grip and a couple of dial in ETERNA and shoot cinematic-looking movies

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HOW IT RATES Features: 8

SPECIFICATIONS FUJIFILM MKX 18-55MM T2.9 (50-135MM T2.9 IN BRACKETS WHERE DIFFERENT) Price: £3499/ $3999 (£3799/ $4299 Focal length: 18-55mm(50- 135mm) Mount: FujifilmX Image coverage: Super 35 Construction: 22 elements in 17 groups, including 6 Super ELD and 2 ELD Aperture: T2.9 Iris blades: 9 Focus rotation: 200° Filter thread: 82mm Front diameter: 85mm Minimumfocus: 0.38m/14.9in (0.85m/33.46in) Dimension (LxD): 207x87mm/8.15x3.43in Weight: 1080g/2.4lb OVERALL RATING: 8.5/10 The camera lacks some features but with the lenses is a great combo Pros: Amazing lenses and easy- to-use camera Cons: No 4K 60p or headphone socket hurts No 10-bit, dual native ISO, fold-out screen or headphone socket, though Performance: 9 Sharp and detailed footage that’s easy to use in editing Handling: 8 The combination is light weight and compact but needs the battery grip Value formoney: 9 Loads of kit for yourmoney that will growwith your skills

your own custom look. You can also set Natural Live View so the monitor shows a natural look rather than the flat Log footage you are recording. As a nod to filmmakers, Fujifilm has beefed up the audio spec. There is an improved- quality internal microphone for 24-bit/48kHz audio recording and there is also a separate mic input. For serious use, an external mic is an essential, of course. And for run-and-gun use, it’s the first Fujifilm camera to have in-body image stabilisation, a huge bonus for many, especially if you are using manual cine lenses which don’t have stabilisation built in. This sensor-shift stabilisation works well, but isn’t as good as the super-advanced Olympus system which combines in-body with in-lens stabilisation which is best in class. But it does show Fujifilm is deadly serious about making a camera that really does work for professional stills photographers and also for filmmakers, too.

very little noise. Go higher and the noise is well controlled. Fujifilm is pushing the ETERNA Film Simulation mode which bakes in soft colours and rich shadow tones, and looks very good. The standard setting – loosely based on the old PROVIA film stock – is said to be a good all-round profile, but the colours are very bright and saturated. If you want that look, which many label as the ‘DSLR look’, then fine. But ETERNA is far more pleasing and cinematic. If you are moving into films and want an easy solution to cinematic-looking footage, it’s the one to go for. You can modify this Standard look in- camera by tweaking colours, if you know what you are doing. If you are more confident in colour grading or as your skills grow, the camera also offers F-log for increased dynamic range. This looked good with an ARRI LUT applied in Final Cut Pro X, or of course you could play with the colours and saturation to create

FROM TOP On offer is the new ETERNA Film Simulation mode, which is the simplest way to get a cinematic look; Log for increased dynamic range; and Standard, which you can tweak.



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