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Cinematographer behind the eagerly anticipated series The Burning Girls talks VFX, screens and night shoots in the country The heat is on PRODUCTION. THE BURNING GIRLS

WORDS. Robert Shepherd IMAGES.  Buccaneer Media, Paramount+ & Joss Barratt

I f The Burning Girls isn’t a disconcerting enough title, it was considerably more unnerving to find out that the CJ Tudor novel on which the Paramount+ series is based was inspired by real-life events. Adapted for the small screen by Hans Rosenfeldt, the six-part series, shot at studios in west London and on location in Buckinghamshire and east Sussex, tells the story of a reverend and her daughter seeking a fresh start in a sleepy Sussex village called Chapel Croft. They soon discover their new local is haunted by its dark history and ancient superstitions. For Dale Elena McCready BSC NZCS, cinematographer on the production, the job offer couldn’t possibly have come at a better time. “The script came through to my agent,” she says. “I was going to do two blocks of The Witcher last year, but there was a clash of schedules. That meant the second half of my contract opened up and this script piqued my interest. I’m a big fan of genre stories in general and have often worked on genre television and film. It’s my interest in general – as a viewer and as a reader – so it was something that I was excited to do.”


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