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THE PERFECT FIT Bubblebee’s line of Lav Concealers are custom-moulded to a variety of popular lav mic models

in place by elastic,” he says. “I often do interviews outdoors where there might be wind or ambient noise to contend with. Having a quality fur windshield for my handheld microphone is really useful – it means I can capture much better sound.” As a Dane, Michelsen adds that he is especially pleased to be supporting a company founded by fellow countrymen. “Denmark doesn’t have a massive film and broadcast industry so it’s great that Bubblebee Industries has made such an impact on the world stage,” he says.

Danish freelance TV camera operator and editing technician, Thomas Michelsen, is another camera professional upping his audio game due to Bubblebee accessories. Michelsen, who recently returned from Poland where he was filming a documentary about Ukrainian refugees, says: “My first Bubblebee purchase was a short-haired version of The Windkiller – a quality windshield for shotgun mics including the Sennheiser ME66 and Rode NTG2 microphones that I use with my cameras. It blocks wind noise extremely well and I tend to use it when I am filming outdoors, especially where a person is talking to camera and I haven’t had time to fit a lavalier microphone.” Michelsen recently added a Bubblebee Big Windbubble to his kit bag, to protect his Sennheiser EW 100 G1 handheld mic. “It is strong and easy to use – you just slip it over your microphone and it is held

“Bubblebee concealers for my lav mics are absolutely magic and I haven’t found a quicker way of mic-ing”

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