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FUTURISTIC The Vegas Loop at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, providing time-saving transport at the NAB Show

VIRTUAL INSANITY With virtual production one of the industry’s current hot topics, there was a lot of related tech to see

as we had to last year”, says Steve Wise, marketing director at Atomos. “With tangible reference points like Sundance Film Festival, the NBA and Ralph Lauren under our belts, it’s now a lot easier to explain the benefits of camera-to-cloud workflows, too.” So what are the benefits, exactly? C2C supports remote workflows – a trend accelerated by Covid-19 and one that’s apparently here to stay. It also boosts efficiency, nixing wait times between production and post, which are often several hours. Plus, it saves money on transportation costs, and with editors and others in post-production able to provide immediate feedback, it minimises the number of reshoots required. Fujifilm demonstrated its camera-to- cloud feature – available on the X-H2 and X-H2S models – on the NAB Show floor. Users can upload both photo stills and video footage directly into, which works with editors like Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve. Pioneering C2C for still photography, Fujifilm cameras are the first to offer this direct integration. VIRTUAL VIRTUOSOS Virtual production (VP) was at the forefront of this year’s NAB Show – quite literally – with MRMC and Vū’s ‘Unreal

the current state of professional video production. From speaking with vendors and making our own observations, these were the most obvious themes... LET’S GET DIGITAL The future of video production is here, and it’s called camera to cloud (C2C). C2C lets camera operators record footage and upload it directly to an editing environment, closing the gap between production and post and expediting the creative process. While it is a relatively recent phenomenon, it’s beginning to catch on, used by the likes of Fujifilm, Adobe and Atomos. “We didn’t have to explain what camera to cloud is anywhere near as much

Ride’ demo welcoming attendees to the central and north halls. Companies like Immersion Room are installing entire VP studios in Toronto and Shanghai. With in-house VFX artists and engineers, it hopes to provide a seamless production experience.


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