Definition June 2023 - web


WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS The Definition team travelled to the Mojave Desert for the 100th NAB Show and got a read on the current industry trends

08 THE HEAT IS ON Adapting C.J. Tudor’s book, The Burning Girls , into a series for Paramount+ 16 SUPPORT FOR SECTOR SAVES THOUSANDS OF JOBS An independent report details how the government’s Covid-19 support scheme rescued key productions

24 THE MAIN EVENT Cine Gear’s LA Expo returns to its traditional home 31 REVEALED BY ROBOTS The Invisible Man – but like you’ve never ‘seen’ him before 44 THE MAGIC OF MONITORS Get a new view of your cinematography 51 100 YEARS OF INNOVATION A recap of NAB Show’s centennial event 56 OPTICAL TRICKERY The world of filters and in-camera effects 64 GETTING A GRIP An ode to every set’s unsung hero and their bag of tricks 71 CAMERA LISTINGS Our favourite cameras on the market

BIG SCREEN If you can’t see what you’re shooting, how can you expect good results? Our monitor guide is here to help


5. JUNE 2023

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