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often a bit flimsier and more prone to damage. RECORDING MONITORS On-camera monitor-recorders not only enhance your display size but can also improve your camera’s overall performance. Whether

you shoot on a DSLR, a mirrorless camera or a cine camera, using an external monitor-recorder can unshackle your device, allowing you to shoot in uncompressed video formats for truly pristine, professional footage. Now, let’s see what’s out there.

can connect your monitor with. You will want capabilities that allow for HDMI, SDI and USB-C connectivity, as these are the most common connections in modern cinema cameras. If you plan to use multiple devices, consider a monitor that supports more than one HDMI input. Make sure to also check that the monitor supports the type of cables you currently use, whether they are DisplayPort, HDMI, or any other set-up. WEIGHTING GAME If you are always on the move, you will need to invest in a monitor that is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry around. However, there are some downsides to having a light monitor – they are

FLEXIBLE FRIEND An external monitor can come in handy to grant extra versatility

“A monitor-recorder can unshackle your camera, letting you shoot uncompressed”

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The Atomos Ninja V is a lightweight, compact, camera-mounted monitor- recorder that has become an essential tool for filmmakers thanks to its HDR monitoring and Raw recording. Atomos’ close partnerships with major camera manufacturers ensure that Ninja V enhances an increasing range of digital cinema, mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

Lilliput The Lilliput A7s is a cost-

effective big-screen choice, with 4K capabilities for under £200. It includes standard overlays and features, plus the package contains a silicone case, sun hood and metal ball mount. Despite lacking a touchscreen, it does have an ergonomic scroll wheel, making it surprisingly easy to use. The Lilliput is a practical and budget-friendly option for those seeking a high screen- to-dollar ratio for footage or photography review.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE For outdoor shoots, you’ll want a monitor with enough brightness to overcome direct sun

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