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“Two minutes is a nice compromise, allowing room for the idea to be fully developed”

“We wanted to generate some content that would work on social media, so keeping it as short as possible was the aim,” Groves continues. “Initially we were talking about a one-minute movie, but the idea evolved beyond that to something a bit more complex, and we didn’t want to rein in anything because of time constraints. But we always had it in mind that we wanted a piece of shareable content, and for that to work it’s got be short. I think two minutes is a nice compromise, allowing room for the idea to be fully developed.” Groves partnered with Radu Stefan Fulga, DOP (also the motion control operator) and Cosmin Fericean (Cutare Film), having worked with them before. “We’ve worked together on several occasions, but this was the first project where the collaboration was in a trio, without a client or agency, giving us greater freedom and time to capture exactly what we wanted.” Groves adds. He says the collaboration with MRMC was a great one because the team had the creative freedom to experiment with its full support. “We didn’t get the feeling

there were any strict rules or limits to what we wanted to shoot,” Groves adds. MAKING THE INVISIBLE MAN VISIBLE Dorian Culmer, the film and commercial marketing manager at MRMC, says the plan is for the content to be syndicated across all the company’s main social media channels, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The producers also want the plot to remain a secret. “We were keen to keep it very mysterious, to keep viewers engaged, and it becomes much more sinister as the story unfolds.” Culmer goes on to say, “Obviously the theme has been done before, historically using various screens, body suits and post-production VFX. The difference here is: we wanted to do it for real – so we’re using the robots to move things around. The final movements won’t be faked. The cup pour and other kitchen movements are done with the rigs programmed with MRMC’s Flair software. The final output will look convincing, because it wasn’t faked with CGI.”

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