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ANTON/BAUER BOOTH 118 The future of sustainable film production from Anton/Bauer will be exclusively unveiled at the event. Its VCLX NM2 block battery delivers reliable power at 14.4v, 28v and 48v for high-current cameras and lights. The 2.4-inch colour LCD monitors the runtime, charge time and active power draw, while VCLX smart technology maximises efficiency. It is made of anodised aluminium, has passive cooling and includes fleet management software for real-time diagnostics.

APUTURE S1506, S1511

RIGGING OPTIONS Creamsource’s LNX mounting system will be on display at Cine Gear LA

Aputure will show its Infinibar, an adaptable RGBWW LED that can be seamlessly stacked together. A range of mounting positions can be adopted – inverted, triangle or hexagonal, among others – to create a large, clean light source to suit. The pixel bars are available in 1ft, 2ft and 4ft.

Arri Rental will showcase its latest exclusive products, including the new Heroes lens collection, comprising Look primes – featuring a third lens ring for instant detuning – and T.1 primes that retain sharpness and contrast at T1.0. The new fleet of Arri Rental Monochrome cameras will also be represented.

the professional video industry, will display its new Renegade series of power stations at Cine Gear LA. They are the culmination of years of research and development to deliver high-capacity, high-current output and exceptional- quality lithium-based power solutions, with incredible versatility for the cinema and lighting industries. The series features three models: the Renegade, Renegade XL and Renegade XL 48. The Renegade is a 777Wh lithium-iron- phosphate, four-power station delivering 15v, 28v and 48v simultaneously with up to a 1200W output. The two Renegade XL models are 1376Wh, Li-Ion power stations. The Renegade XL-1 can deliver 15v, 28v or 48v. If you are in need of a lighting- focused option, the Renegade XL48 variant has got you covered with its dual 48v, 15A outputs.



Arri and Arri Rental will be exhibiting on the same stand, each with its own focus. Arri is highlighting Orbiter and its complementary optics, plus its LED portfolio – all in action in a film-set application. Visitors can experience how Arri’s sophisticated IP-based LED lights – in combination with camera systems – deliver cinematic images and efficient workflow synergies. Its flagship large- format cinematography cameras, the Alexa 35 and the Alexa Mini LF, are also featured along with a workflow station focusing on reveal colour science.

Astera will showcase its entire range of lighting solutions and accessories. There will be a focus on the recently launched Hydrapanel; a lightweight, highly flexible 1300-lumen LED panel, achieving exceptional colour mixing and dimming via the integrated Titan LED engine. Maximising flexibility, its compact, robust IP65 casing incorporates six snap-on light modifiers, a range of mounting solutions and dual wired/wireless operation.


Creamsource will demonstrate its portfolio of best-in-class lighting solutions, including their flagship Vortex Series, SpaceX and Micro fixtures. On display will be a blindingly impressive array of Vortex8 lights rigged together by the new LNX mounting system. The arrival of LNX introduces a streamlined way for rigging gaffers to connect multiple Vortex fixtures. With a series of purpose-built clamps and pins; rigging and cabling is faster and, most importantly, safer for operators and anyone under the rig. Build as small as two or multiple units, the only limit is the ability to lift the rig. Experience the latest CreamOS firmware upgrades for the Vortex series. Now fully supported with CRMX2


NEW KIT Arri ZMU-4 zoom electronic control unit with interchangeable radio modules

Brompton Tech’s Truelight technology delivers high-quality lighting from LED panels with extra emitters – offering accurate, calibrated colours. It provides unprecedented improvement and control to the limited spectral output from RGB panels that can create unnatural skin tones. CORE SWX BOOTH 32 Core SWX, a leading provider of batteries and charging solutions for

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