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30 GENIUS INTERVIEW Renard Jenkins

Renard Jenkins has had a formidable career in broadcast technology. From CNN to PBS, and now WarnerMedia, he has helped build world-class infrastructures for world-class TV brands. We talk to him about his career, new possibilities in the cloud and his vision for a better media industry I WANT TO SEE IT GROW INTO AN INTERWOVEN CONTENT UNIVERSE

FEED: How did you get started in broadcast tech?

the equipment but also because I had developed an eye for photography. This led to me being offered freelance jobs at the local television and radio stations while I was still in college. That gave me exposure to broadcast equipment and I was pretty much hooked from that point on. I changed my major right before my senior year and then dove head first into film, television, radio and music production and technology. I’ve never looked back. From there, I was recruited into what was then the Turner broadcasting family. It was a great time to be at CNN, because it was a young, scrappy company that was not afraid to take risks. It was there I had the opportunity to get involved in R&D and then work with some of the greatest minds throughout the industry. During my tenure there I had access to all of the top broadcast tech

RENARD JENKINS: Well, it’s funny you should ask. I actually went to college to be a marine biologist. I still love the subject to this day. I’ve always been interested in science and for me technology was just a natural extension for my curiosity. My mother will tell you that I would take apart anything that I could get my hands on while growing up. My greatest thrill was being able to put things back together and have them work properly. She will also tell you that it was very rare to find me without a camera in my hand and my little red plastic transistor radio in my pocket. While in college, I often found myself documenting a lot of our scientific projects and expeditions. Mainly because I was the only one who knew how to operate

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