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To film or not to film?

D ocumentary films are to the media landscape like a vital organ is to the body. They get under the skin to the heart of the subject matter, and can represent the experiences of those that lived closest to an event. They’re a matter of public interest; to aid in the understanding of the different lives that share a stake in the world. But acquiring such stories can pose both ethical and health-and-safety risks to the filmmakers or subjects involved. Questions on whether to film or not to film, how close is too close, and how far is too far should be

answered before stepping into the field. Occasionally, lines are crossed and limits breached, but there’s often a divide between consumer and filmmaker about whether the output is morally right or wrong. HUMAN ETHICS “When we’re approaching people at their most raw and vulnerable, we need to do so with care. Although we’re there to capture an important story, we’re approaching people that technically shouldn’t have to give consent to share their story – it’s not a state in which

How to bring important stories to the world ethically and safely, with the right gear

WORDS. Chelsea Fearnley IMAGES. Various

41. DECEMBER 2021

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