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No surprises Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood composed the score – but with nine film soundtracks to his name, the music was in very safe hands. It delivers a wonderful mix of Baroque with jazz, to emphasise how chaotic and vibrant Princess Diana was. the way she moved. It was a pleasure to film all the actors, but especially Kristen, because of this unique cinematographic experience.” Mathon adds that while Larraín was fervent in his preference for short focal lengths, he wanted wide shots to give room to the cruel world around Diana. This keeps her confined – before she makes it out the fire escape, when she decides to end her marriage. Despite the Covid-19 complications that caused several filming disruptions, Mathon concludes that Spencer was a joy to work on. It was the great bond between Larraín and herself that allowed them to continue with “precision on the rhythm and choreography of the shots,” all while keeping “a certain vibrating and fragility” in their approach. Available to watch in UK cinemas

“It was weird how much the process actually conflated Diana and Kristen,” says the cinematographer. For Mathon, the process of filming with Stewart was intimate, with close- up shots captured on Zeiss Ultra 16 and Summilux-C Series lenses. “Pablo was looking for proximity to the character; and spoke of her interiority,” she says. “I often had the feeling I was almost touching her. I could sense her breathe and watch every little action; what she was thinking and

actor in character, donning a trademark wig and her eyes rimmed with thick kohl. They instantly connected, and the DOP found her to be a born performer. Stewart has been acting since childhood, and herself became immensely famous after the Twilight trilogy over a decade ago. She’s all too familiar with the insatiable appetite of the media, an experience which would have undoubtedly helped in her role as Diana, who was aggressively pursued by the paparazzi.

WORLD-CLASS CREW Although following the story of a British institution, Spencer was an international collaboration. Primary filming locations were in Germany, there was an American lead, a Chilean director and, of course, a French DOP. The film brought together a host of global stars

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