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PTZ cameras have gone from interesting add-ons to centre stage. Panasonic’s latest range brings agile, top-quality capture to absolutely everyone n a world buzzing with start-ups that come and go, Panasonic stands out as a permanent feature of the media landscape. The company has been in the business of manufacturing electronics for more than a century. With its multi-sector expertise, it has provided broadcast and pro AV with end-to-end solutions made up of everything, from switchers and camcorders, to studio cameras. “It’s quite rare these days to find a manufacturer who can offer all of these solutions,” explains Dean Offord, technical product manager at Panasonic. “You have a lot of smaller ones that might only specialise in one area.” Over ten years ago, Panasonic introduced PTZ cameras to the broadcast and AV market, offering an alternative to the prevailing technology: mainly box cameras, with big lenses, mounted on expensive pan-and-tilt rigs. In that time, the cameras have become more advanced, resulting in lighter and faster PTZs, with longer optical ranges and large, one-inch sensors. In the time since Panasonic’s first unit shipped in March 2008, the company has shipped around 200,000 worldwide. “When it all started, PTZs were seen as really complicated products,” says Offord. “They went hand-in-hand with the transition to IP.”



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