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The show was tested in partnership with esports organiser ESL, who provided three gamers to film livestreamed reactions of the pilot on Twitch, which reached around three million people. The other launch event was the release of the pilot programme on Indian esports upstart Rooter. In the first week, the show garnered 500,000 views and was third place in overall viewing on the platform. graphics side of the UBL, allowing for storytelling to take place within the UBL world. This echoes the success of WWE, not to mention old-school combat games like Tekken. The world is built around three different fictional cities, with combat between three teams representing each story locale. THRILLING, NEW LEVELS Unreal Engine is powering the With fighters-as-characters, there is ample opportunity for bringing celebrity names into the fray, from music stars to online influencers. The league will stick with 2020 Armor ’s taekwondo for starters, but can start to encompass other martial arts disciplines going forward. Experts in providing production tech for sports of every kind, Riedel was involved in the UBL project from the start. As a technology provider, the company delivered a seamless and reliable comms infrastructure for the production environment,

which included the company’s Bolero wireless intercom, Artist matrix intercom and DSP-2312 panels. Company head Thomas Riedel, who always has an eye out for the next big innovation, has also invested in the UBL as an entrepreneur, eager to see what’s next in media tech. “It’s always great to witness entertainment media formats,” says Riedel. “Bringing together the best of physical and esports, the UBL takes the metaverse concept to thrilling levels, and opens up entirely new perspectives on martial arts.” Image projection specialist and Riedel partner ETC Audiovisuel helped implement the media server for virtual sets. And Wige Solutions developed the visualisation concept. The UBL is steadily expanding its release into other markets, including the US and Asia, with plans to roll out multiple seasons featuring quarter- finals, semis and finals. how our innovations create groundbreaking sports and “We are still in pilot mode,” says Kellner, “but part of our proof of concept is to show how we can bring this to broadcasters and streaming platforms. In virtualising a real sports event, we’re ticking a lot of boxes.”



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