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SHOWING THE WAY Vincent Noyer illustrates the tech

There are three key features to the latest plugin that make it a flexible standout in parallel to other AR toolkits. y Data visualisation:

team-based events, it has always been a particularly complex job for commentators to accurately convey a specific group tactic or an individual approach. “As soon as you’ve got a team playing against another team, there’s a lot of combination decision-making taking place – and it’s there where you need people giving their view of how to do things,” describes director of sports analysis graphics at Ross, Vincent Noyer. “Major parts of the plugin are the data visualisation and live annotation functions. Rather than just creating a standard heatmap, you can have it laid down in perspective on the real pitch.” The ability to cast the AR imagery onto almost any surface – news desk, floor, even the actual pitch – pegs the tech as a big step forward for interactivity in sports commentary. “Using the PIERO iPad tech and PIERO touchscreen, pundits can easily draw whatever they are discussing simultaneously in AR onto the table – or wherever they wish,” continues Noyer. “If you picture the image of commentators sat around a table during a show, on that table you can


Working with event and tracking data suppliers, PIERO supplies graphics that transfer in-depth insights into specific formations and patterns of play. Examples include heatmaps, shot spray charts and automated tracks for players. iPad control: One of the most exciting features is the interactive control system provided to pundits and coaches – via iPad and touchscreen technology. It is highly customisable to anyone’s needs – be it one presenter, or three! 3D replay: PIERO also encompasses virtual stadiums,

have data-driven graphics. You don’t have to cut to a full-screen replay.” Viewers are usually presented with a static graphic on the screen, which has been somewhat awkward for presenters to aptly portray tactical play. From the dynamic ways you can apply graphics to different surfaces, you can also choose to animate an entire stadium, and virtually dip into the AR pitch – giving you the angle of an overhead camera swinging in and out of a match. “The most important element of PIERO is to give you the ease of use, a requisite when creating any Ross product. It gives you the ability to use the touchscreen and iPad integrations – live. “You can cut between the two. You can also choose to start in full screen, then cut back to your presenter and see the graphics in front of them on the table – providing a visual link. There’s a lot of things you can play with now,” Noyer concludes.



allowing broadcasters and sports teams to view 3D replays, that in turn allow for a whole new array of angles. Storytelling is central to sports production. When it comes to

PIERO can apply this tech to over 20 of the world’s key sports. It has also created a ranging palette of effects which are entirely customisable, meaning any brand can easily tailor them to its identity. The ease-of-use also means that producers and analysts can change things up until the last minute – and still make it live on air! DID YOU KNOW?


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