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The end of 2021 saw the completion of a multi-vendor virtualised live production concept for the Rolex Paris Masters. The joining of forces from ATP Media, AWS and Gravity Media saw the undertaking of this large-scale live proof of concept. The aim was to utilise AWS-based virtualised live broadcast production in a real-world setting. Production facilities were implemented at Gravity Media’s offices in Farnborough, UK, acting as a ‘shadow’ of ATP Media facilities on-site in Bercy, Paris. “This was a unique chance to use AWS cloud services in end-to-end live sports production across a number of days,” stated ATP Media CTO Shane Warden. Vendors like Grass Valley, Vizrt and Grabyo were invited to demonstrate their solutions in multiple tennis matches. From stand-alone configurations to different vendor combinations, the test made sure to assess interoperability. SERVING NEW CONCEPTS AT ROLEX PARIS MASTERS

SEE THE FUTURE Mojo Lens makes use of microscopic technology to provide data to the user. It could aid your sporting goals, or even professional ones

pace on a run, or – separate from sports – notes for a presentation! It may have some way to go, but affiliation from sports brands like Adidas indicate the tech is well on its way. THROUGH THE LENS

As if augmented reality couldn’t get any more revolutionary! The announced partnerships between Adidas Running – and other big names – and AR contact lens giant Mojo Vision suggest the tech is only getting more futuristic. Mojo Lens’ innovative design uses a tiny microLED display the size of a grain of sand to share key info. And it possesses smart sensors powered by solid-state batteries, built into a scleral lens that also corrects your vision. It allows you to see key stats and tips, like trails on ski slopes,




Sony Group company Nevion offers virtualised media production solutions. In February, it revealed League of Legends founders Riot Games had selected its services to support Project Stryker, its global IP remote venture.

With a new remote broadcast and content production centre (RBC) in Dublin, Riot Games is gradually building a global system to produce live esports events – anywhere. Nevion’s solutions will be implemented to orchestrate media

flows between the remote venues and the RBC, across Riot’s wide area network, known as Riot Direct. The solution provided is to be built around Nevion’s media node Virtuoso, and its orchestration and SDN control software VideoIPath.


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