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Synergy is the driving force behind the latest version of Dalet’s media logistics platform


he clue is in the name. Dalet Flex is flexible – a workflow solution that allows media- rich companies to manage, curate, orchestrate, deliver and monetise their content,

Editors can trigger rendering of their sequences on a remote Adobe Media Encoder right from Premiere Pro, freeing up their local system for continued use. To aid remote editing and teamwork, advanced project management features have been added, like support for management of Premiere Pro projects and Avid Media Composer sequences in Dalet Flex. Kirchhoffer explains: “Our customers have put new workflows in place. Many want these to be permanent – not due to the pandemic, but since they add value to the business. They can scale much faster, and bring freelancers on board more quickly. More collaboration is an overarching theme. “The latest iteration of Dalet Flex hasn’t only been us coming up with ideas for new features. It has developed from really looking at, and responding to, customer requests.” Search is also a big topic. The enhanced search functions of Dalet Flex empower users to quickly find relevant assets, even in the largest content libraries. Controlled vocabulary improves categorisation and makes content easier to find and share.

across multiple platforms. But Flex’s responsiveness also extends to Dalet’s ongoing dialogue with customers, which has turned it into an evolving tool that meets the latest requirements of content makers. As cloud integrates into ever more media production workflows, producers are becoming ready to level up their technology as soon as a better option is available. “We’ve seen a willingness among customers to keep upgrading tools, especially in the current, remote-first context,” notes Robin Kirchhoffer, senior director of product marketing at Dalet. “Many of our clients, like studios, broadcasters, sports teams and leagues, have been pushing for even more mobility and flexibility.” The brand-new version of the FlexXTEND plug-in allows editors to access the Dalet Flex library from Adobe Premiere Pro, and benefit from Flex advanced search capabilities.

Permissions management on tags collections, thesaurus support and taxonomy improvements help users dial in faster to the content they need. Users can refine permissions for their searches to be visible to other users or groups, boosting collaboration. This goes hand in glove with the powerful review features of Dalet Flex, which make it simple to share notes around changes, edits or subtitling data – all of which is built around rights- based permissions. Administrators now have better control over resource allocation, by being able to define concurrency limits on action and workflows. This can allow teams to optimise costs and compute workloads, sizing their infrastructure to support bursts of activity in the cloud when necessary. Managing the huge volume of work that passes through any editorial team can be a huge task. Dalet Flex relieves some of that burden by becoming a central repository and collaboration platform for assets and projects. The pandemic has forced companies to find innovative ways of working. But, improved efficiency, collaboration and flexibility have been silver linings. Dalet expects this to continue for the long term.

FIND A WAY The FlexXTEND plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro includes a new and improved search function


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