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have NDI connectivity, means bringing someone from a remote location into the production is simple. They can use tools with which they are already well familiar. With a solid base for video production under way, Achmea is looking at the next step of creating hybrid events. Covid-19 restrictions have been as unpredictable as the virus itself – with one region able to return to in- person events, while others can only participate online. The skills built in these trying circumstances are being used to expand events that

audience.” says Waters. “But lots of studies say that if you want comprehension and engagement – and for employees to retain the information you’re trying to deliver – compelling content that gets above the noise will really help. “The reason we have corporate clients, AV customers and educational institutions coming to NewTek, our NDI team – and the Vizrt Group in general – is that they are looking for more engagement. They need something that’s going to grab people, work both internally and externally, and tell their story.” LIVE IS FOREVER There is a whole new generation in the workforce who have used video to communicate for their entire lives. A live event no longer means just a broadcast that happens simultaneously in multiple places. It also includes the live interaction, commentary and discussion that continues after it’s all over. With the original video on demand, the event can continue to simmer in the social media space, and in other content, becoming a continuous source of interaction itself. Many events and trade shows are beginning to follow this model, with an in-person event at a selected point in the year, but multiple online and video-based events spinning off it throughout the rest of the year. So, the event is to some extent, “always on”. In the corporate world, this may allow a management team to present strategies that invite discussion and brainstorming on an ongoing basis – as opposed to sending everyone back to their cubicles at the end of the meeting. “It’s better to get started, then wait for the perfect set-up,” says Waters. “It’s important to plan, but you can plan to perfection and lead to paralysis. Once you get going, the next step will be revealed.”


would normally have been in-venue – and to give special on-site features to those that might only have been virtual previously. “The next step is to create hybrid events, where colleagues can choose to be physically present, or watch from home,” says Verbeek. “With TriCaster in place, we only need to add a couple of NDI cameras to our auditorium and we’re ready to go.” TELL YOUR STORY Businesses must treat themselves like serious media companies, both to engage with customers and motivate employees. The good news is that – thanks to some new, powerful video tools – you don’t require a highly trained AV team to get started. Creative, rather than technical, skill can finally take precedence. “Until now, in the corporate space, good enough has been good enough, because it’s a captive


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