FEED Spring 2022 Web

he wonderful thing about today is that the technology is transparent to the storytelling,” says Will Waters, head of global product management


at NewTek. “That story could be about marketing and advertising – or a specific message, if you’re a religious institution or charity.” Traditional organisations are putting video at the front of what they do more and more. It’s now well understood that having quality video content increases engagement with customers, gives them more insight into your business, promotes discussion and is an excellent way of capturing useful market data. The story of enterprises whose primary business was sales rebranding themselves as “media companies” is now quite common. And their media strategy is becoming the spearhead of a whole new way of building revenue. Creating this content at the appropriate frequency and best quality – distributed live or on demand across multiple platforms – requires agile technology that adapts to changing business needs, and slots into existing workflows without extra steps. It also means using IP-based technologies, so that creative teams can collaborate without having to be in the same room, or the same country. Video is the lingua franca of our age and, just as with verbal communication, there is little tolerance for any friction between the message and its delivery to the intended audience. “We all carry around in our pocket a phone with a camera on it, which theoretically is connected to

every other screen on the planet via the internet,” says Waters. “Fundamentally, this changes the way you think about content production. “Because we have this interconnectivity now, and the source device knows how it’s being used downstream, there is extraordinary flexibility in how a story is told – whether it’s multiple angles and sources, data-driven graphics or connecting to other aspects of the narrative. The ability to create compelling content is ubiquitous in a way it has never been before.” Video conferencing has become essential and familiar to both business and personal life, with Zoom now a generic term for any online meeting. Tutorials, trainings, in-house presentations and product demos are all expected to be conducted over video call.


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