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“People love this. Even veteran producers – they use it to make professional, fleshed-out tracks.” Not only did Orba have a wide appeal, it quickly became apparent that people liked filming themselves using it. Connecting the dots, Artiphon turned its attention towards the short- form market. As a result, it unveiled its latest release: the Orbacam. “The app mimics the design of the Orba. It has the same eight pads and a lot of the same sounds, too,” continues McHeffey. “It is a game- changer in its ability to create music and shoot video simultaneously – as well as adding filters and VFX. We also wanted to make it so that you could upload it wherever.” Emerging technology like Orbacam emphasises the corners still untouched by short-form’s exponential growth in popularity – in

music is video. The dancing on TikTok is music. That art, music, dance, video production – they are all avenues for video and music content. “If you make a song these days, on Orba for example, how do you share it with your friends? You’re not going to put it on a CD or stick it on Spotify, you’re going to take a video of it – that’s how things are shared now,” McHeffey concludes. ONLY JUST GETTING STARTED It seems the world has barely scratched the surface when it comes to short-form video. Having only become popular in the last few years, paired with some of the tech we’ve seen surfacing as a result, the revolution has truly just begun. There is one certainty: the way we consume online video has changed forever. As VOD giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ permanently altered our consumption of television and film, social media has now started to expand its solution to providing an unfaltering supply of video content.


New technology born from the short- form movement is even appearing in the corporate sector. The team at Pictory (see our story on page 36) picked up on the trend, and built AI that allows impatient entrepreneurs to quickly extract shorter video from lengthy webinars and panels – creating a snappier, user-friendly round-up of their content.

this case, the ability to create music and video at exactly the same time. “We believe that there is a convergence happening, and that



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