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longer promote Reels that have a TikTok watermark. However, I put that claim to test, and encountered one after approximately ten seconds of scrolling. Alongside this, Snapchat has released Spotlight, YouTube unveiled Shorts, and Meta is soon to be rolling out Reels on Facebook – following its success on Instagram. You could say that they are all the same platform model, but with different branding tactics pasted over the top. Even the format is the

form of VOD, providing never-ending access to swathes of video content. It’s very possible, however, that if the big boys like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat had been ahead of the curve and spotted this trend beforehand, TikTok could very well not exist. The demand created a need, and they didn’t meet that need in time. As a result, TikTok will always be the founding father of this stage of social media’s evolution. THE ONE THAT WENT WRONG Looking beyond the tectonic tremors among social media moguls, there has been a surge of new technology and platforms, due to this shift towards short form – and covering everything imaginable. Inevitably, some of these have soared, while others have crashed and burned. An example came when Hollywood threw its hat into the ring with the release of Quibi: a $1.75bn attempt to create a mobile-only version of Netflix. An article by TechCrunch refers to the app’s ‘bold business strategy’ as being ‘muted by a misguided allegiance to the golden age of television, before the internet permeated every entertainment medium.’ It follows


same, from scrolling downwards to view content, to creating videos via the clip- by-clip method. They even use the selection of trending sounds and filters in their similarly omniscient algorithms used to generate tailored content. There appears to be very little


difference to the original. In theory, there’s no better or worse option between the selection of platforms on offer. Regardless of the minor variations between them, they all possess a shared idea: a new

When it comes to posting your own content on social and VOD platforms, piracy and re-uploading have always seemed impossible foes. TikTok handles this by automatically applying a watermark to any of its downloaded videos – including the handle of the original creator. What you choose to create on the platform stays truly yours, no matter how many times it’s shared. WATERMARK UNDER THE BRIDGE


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