FEED Spring 2022 Web

f you’re a business with any kind of digital strategy, you’ve probably got some form of VOD offering. You want to show off products, expertise and personnel – and video is a highly effective way of doing that. But most of that is going on platforms owned by other companies. In fact, just a few: Twitch (Amazon), YouTube (Google), Instagram (Facebook) – and TikTok. Building your own video platform, with your own branding, can be an intimidating step – even for some media industry companies. Luckily, there are more technology solutions that can be employed, allowing enterprises to create and manage platforms. Plus, new tools for cultivating and taking advantage of that increased engagement. There are bountiful products and solutions for those who already have a big content library and healthy

revenue. While some have stuck to building their infrastructure in-house – which was the done thing when this started ten years ago – most companies rely on any number of cloud-based services. AWS is the key provider in this area, even powering Amazon rivals like Netflix. Simpler, turnkey solutions are becoming much more popular, especially for companies that don’t have a big technology team, or whose core expertise lies outside the media and entertainment sphere. SIMPLER, TURNKEY SOLUTIONS ARE BECOMINGMUCH MORE POPULAR


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