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Pebble revealed the appointment of Besco as its newest channel partner, based in South Korea. This partnership serves as the largest implementation of sophisticated playout technologies in the Korean market. Combining Pebble’s automation, integrated channel and Pebble Remote solutions for CJ OliveNetworks, Besco has been

leading on a complete installation of products, which in turn have brought 11 channels to air. “Pebble has market-leading solutions that are both flexible and technically demanding, providing a combination of I/O (SDI, NDI, IP, compressed and uncompressed), extensive redundancy schemes (1+1+1), multiple graphics plug-ins,

on-premises/remote operations and much more – all in one system,” describes Pebble’s VP of sales Samir Isbaih. “Combined with Besco’s local expertise and support, Pebble is confident it can offer the Korean market the most compelling solutions in broadcast playout automation and IP broadcasting.”



A team of sports broadcasters, rights owners and technology vendors have been collaborating as part of IBC’s Accelerator media innovation programme, with the key aim to support a carbon ‘net zero’ future for live productions. The first results from an English Premier League production trial were recently released – as a product of this partnership. They reveal how remote and cloud production workflows can combine to meet ambitious sustainability objectives, managing to reduce the environmental impact of live production. The team is led by BBC Sport, BT Sport, Sky Sports, the Premier

Telstra has joined the SRT Alliance, a group of industry leaders and developers working for lower-latency internet video transport. Founded by Haivision in 2017, the alliance already has over 500 members. SRT is a free, open-source streaming video transport protocol and technology. Andreas Eriksson, head of Telstra Broadcast Services, said: “Our goal is to give broadcasters of any size the most flexible, cost-effective and robust ways to manage their content. “Our collaboration with the SRT Alliance and Haivision supports us in delivering the right solutions for broadcasters, through driving technologies like the open-source video transport protocol. This tackles some of the main issues our clients face when it comes to high-performance, low-latency streaming in a secure, unfailing way across the public internet.”

League, IMG and Bafta’s Albert. They are each experimenting with multi-provider cloud technologies, formats and workflows, sharing camera feeds, audio, graphics and human resources to avoid duplication – and reduce travel, or any other energy requirements in the production chain. Key findings have confirmed that working in the cloud reduces the amount of technical infrastructure required for the gallery production of some broadcasters by as much as 70%. The IBC Accelerator sessions can be found on IBC Digital, and it is now working on the 2022 Accelerator programme.


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