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What’s your origin story? My name is Rachel Delacour, and I am the CEO of Sweep. I wanted to use my experience building BIME Analytics (later acquired by Zendesk) to help companies create a cleaner future. I paired my business intelligence

background with the expertise of scientists,

engineers and designers, to build a solution to the carbon data problem facing big business. It’s a network approach that includes all teams and supply chain partners. Sweep is the carbon management platform ready to tackle emissions at the scale of companies. What are you working on now? Features that foster collaboration between teams, supply chain partners and portfolio companies. For instance, your teams might not be fluent in carbon science or forget to enter carbon data regularly. We aim to remove these frictions, so enterprises and their networks can focus on implementing reduction strategies and reaching targets. What’s next? The next step is to turbocharge our platform and scale corporate climate actions. Since we launched Sweep publicly, we’ve secured $27m

from leading European investors (Balderton, 2050, La Famiglia and New Wave) to bring team members and customers on board. Watch out for innovative product features, partnerships and resources that will help companies deal with their carbon emissions – to tip the balance on climate change. If you could have anything right now, what would that be? I would like to gather all regulators into one room, to show them the proof of execution and outcomes of a company’s climate programme – from measuring to reducing, tracking to reporting. That way, they would draft and implement comprehensive, tangible laws that require all businesses to do the right thing for the planet.


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