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AD IMMERSION In-game advertising can be bespoke and non-disruptive, exactly to a brand’s specifications

“Sometimes an advertiser targets a game, just because they want their brand to be everywhere. But we get clients that say, ‘Can we just target females over 18?’ Or, if there is a company like Marriott, affiliated with Manchester United, they will ask for placement only inside Manchester

relationship – everything is done on a deal, not an open marketplace – and we want to make sure it’s built in the right way.” Bidstack is able to dynamically insert, change and target advertising, based on the audience playing the game. As soon as it has loaded, the targeted ad is delivered within seconds. “We grab information from the SDK about the


gaming environment, and all the elements happening in the game, so when the ad renders, it looks very natural,” Dabhelia explains. ”In a

United’s stadium in the game Football Manager,” says Dabhelia. Creative approval is built into the ecosystem. “We are educating advertisers specifically on how to build

racing game, the ad will flap in the wind, or if it’s raining and you’re in a racing car, mud splashes against the ad and drips down; it looks real. No one else does that. We care about the authenticity and environment of the game, as well as the ad.” Bidstack has started to branch into VR, too, working with sports technology company Rezzil on a football game that’s also being used as rehabilitative training for players. “We’ve had access to that in terms of placing billboards in various different spaces within the training facilities, in the VR headsets that they are using,” he says. “We want to go a little bit further than that, and think about native and intrinsic value-add. How we can offer the advertising, so it actually gives some sort of value for the player.”

formats for gaming. As soon as their ad comes to our platform, it won’t go live until it passes our process and the game publisher is happy. It could be that the ad doesn’t fit the context, or it’s an unwanted alcohol brand. Perhaps it doesn’t look right for the gaming environment, or

creative specs haven’t been adhered to. “We’re very much handholding during that process. We want to have a close


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