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Targeted advertising is

potential for user tracking, but also by removing gamers’ rights to complain about adverts in a fully paid game. Advertising promises a new and incremental revenue stream. It’s on the rise, but relatively small compared to other revenues from gaming software, hardware and peripherals.” In practice, IGA follows similar principles to digital out-of-home (DOOH) media, making use of the advertising technology and practices that have been built

igital advertising agencies have been putting in a concentrated effort to exploit the time audiences spend on gaming, taking particular aim at the valuable, yet elusive Gen Z. “There is a trend of companies diving into the industry to claim their piece of the gaming pie, seen at the recent CES,” says Maxym

being deployed by brands in the video games space. But are consumers

Dmytriyev, gaming analyst at Futuresource Consulting. “This is a new revenue stream to tap into, and even the likes of Amazon and Google – whose revenues are built upon direct and indirect advertising – have entered the market, with ambitious cloud-gaming solutions.” In-game advertising (IGA) is not a new concept. “It has existed for years, in the form of static product

ready for adtech?

up around it – creating more than the one-ad- fits-all techniques of the past. Agencies working with game publishers allow advertisers and brands to place dynamic advertisements inside video games, most commonly using banners, billboards or


trackside hoardings – reflecting real-world usage. “Traditional-format advertising can be executed particularly well in sports games such as FIFA, MLB, NBA, Dirt Rally, Forza and so on,” says Dmytriyev. “Players are no strangers to ads in real sports events, so it’s a natural fit. In fact, it’s used to enhance the environment, making it feel more authentic.”

placements and licensing of brands within sports games, either as stand-alone ads or interactive objects (ie car brands in racing games),” says Dmytriyev. “Dynamic personalised ads, on the other hand, are a nascent technology, which has a better chance for

success with subscription gaming – in part due to the


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