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For its work on the delayed football championship last year, Presteigne Broadcast Hire needed a solution that could handle complex signal processing

n spring 2020, the call came for Presteigne Broadcast Hire to manage incoming and outgoing feeds for a major, UK-based broadcaster ’s coverage of UEFA Euro 2020. But the football tournament ended up being pushed back for an entire year due to the pandemic. Although this delay was frustrating, it meant the Presteigne team had a fully realised technical plan in place well in advance of the rescheduled tournament, which finally kicked off in summer 2021. Presteigne CTO Simon Atkinson has a long history with the broadcaster, and was aware that it sets a high bar when it comes to minimising risk. “They are conscious of issues related to system redundancy and failure, and understandably so,” Atkinson explains. “After convincing them to go with Ross Video Ultrix, a hybrid router that could do everything internally – embed, synchronise, de- embed, shuffle – we expected they would want a second router on-site in order to be fully covered.” Having settled on one 72x72 (2RU) and one 112x112 (5RU) Ross Video Ultrix router, Atkinson knew he would have to be able to switch outputs simultaneously to achieve full redundancy. “And with just one keystroke, really. I started to look around for a control system that would let us manage two routers with one button – and that’s why I got TSL involved.”


Familiar with its range since the nineties, Atkinson had long been a fan of TSL Products’ “neat and user-friendly” virtual panels. For the Amsterdam-based broadcast hub of Euro 2020, Atkinson worked in close conjunction with TSL to arrive at a control infrastructure. This included one TallyMan TM1 MK2+ system processor, six TallyMan Virtual Panels, seven TMCP-32 Control Panels, and two TMCP-16 Control Panels. In addition, Presteigne invested in a total of seven TSL MDU14-CO outlet power distribution and changeover units.


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