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THE INSIDE SCOOP AETA Audio Systems has added 5G capabilities to ScoopTeam. The update focuses on commentary, providing a solution for both large and small stations, which can now cover events with strengthened audio quality. “After carrying out in-depth R&D, we’re happy to offer our clients the most advanced network connectivity available today,” describes AETA general manager Yann Vonarburg. “ScoopTeam can embed a 5G network connection, resulting in safer audio links, even via wireless networks. This greatly reduces obstacles inherent to AoIP connections.”

Cirkus, a new SaaS task and project management A MEDIA CIRKUS

solution, has been released by Farmerswife, in a bid to address project needs of media brands. Cloud-based and available as both integration and stand-alone products, the solution aims to adapt to the way teams function in the real world. “Cirkus is the culmination of more than two decades of work at the forefront of project management and planning in media,” asserts Farmerswife CEO Stephen Elliott. Teams or freelancers no longer need a disparate array of ad hoc tools to communicate across organisations. Plus, it centralises processes, ensuring contact remains seamless throughout a project. “This reflects how companies are, with large internal teams, needing to work efficiently and harmoniously with external freelancers and consultants. It lets them scale and flex to manage production cycles and optimise workflows or processes throughout their organisation,” concludes Elliott.

The 5G upgrade comes as AETA also announced that the unit can embed two wireless modules. Now, ScoopTeam can simultaneously connect to both 4G and 5G networks.

Dalet has announced some major updates to its transcoding tool, AmberFin. New features include integrations with its cloud-native Dalet Flex and Dalet Pyramid platforms. These capabilities provide an improved user experience and have completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review. TRANSCODING TRIUMPHS

The newly updated Dalet AmberFin Kiosk, which supports macOS and offers expanded support for ProRes Raw and NEF, helps users efficiently offload and back up mass content. Using cloud storage, it verifies integrity and enriches metadata for correct organisation. This is particularly beneficial for those out on location for long production shoots.



NewTek launched the TriCaster 1 Pro: a live production system supporting 4K UHD switching, live streaming, recording, data- driven graphics, virtual sets, media publishing and more. NewTek has also unveiled features for its other TriCasters. Since its release in July 2020, the TriCaster 2 Elite has been celebrated as setting

new standards for a single system. It remains the flagship offering, and features selectable audio and video returns, with unmatched quality and flexibility – as well as NDI genlock. The NewTek TriCaster 2 Elite update is free and available to download now for all existing users. The TriCaster 2 Elite is available to buy for $29,995.


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