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Profoto breaks all speed records

Leading lighting brand Profoto has announced two flash systems that set performance standards never seen before in the world of studio flash and offer amazing opportunities for creative photographers

Profoto’s new D2 monolight and Pro-10 power pack offer very, very brief flash durations for stopping the fastest action, incredibly rapid recycling for fast burst shooting and the flexibility of TTL lighting control, plus muchmore. The D2 monolight is available in two outputs, 500Ws and 1000Ws. The D2 500 offers a remarkable minimum flash duration of 1/63,000sec in freeze mode while by comparison the D2 1000’s minimum flash duration is 1/50,000sec in both cases this has been achieved without sacrificing high output levels. The speed theme is continued with recycling where burst shooting of 20 flashes per second is possible so you can shoot a high speed sequence and pick the best result.

well as an ultra-brief burst of light to stop the fastest action. The pack has two outputs and 11 different Profoto flash heads are compatible with thePro-10. Output through the two outlets is fully asymmetrical 0-100% so you have full control over your lighting set-up. Profoto’s spate of new products is completed with the Air Remote TTL-S. This is the Sony compatible trigger and joins those already available for Canon and Nikon. It means Sony users can now enjoy the great features of Profoto Air flash units including TTL flash, high speed sync flash and remote wireless control fromup to 300m from the light. Turn the page for even information about Profoto’s latest products.

The two units are user-friendly, robust and share many practical features including a power range of 10EV adjustable in 0.1EV steps, TTL shooting with a Profoto Air Remote TTL trigger and high speed flash sync up to 1/8000sec. Of course, both heads mesh perfectly into the Profoto systemwith over 120 light shaping modifiers available. If greater power and an even shorter flash duration are what you need, then look no further than the Pro-10 power pack. This has a 2400Ws output with energy adjustable from 2.4Ws to full power in 0.1EV steps. In freeze mode flash durations as brief as 1/80,000sec are achievable making the Pro-10 the world’s fastest studio flash unit with TTL and you get this with plenty of output too so you can achieve the required depth-of-field as

Above The D2 monolight and Pro-10 power pack from Profoto are set to revolutionise the world of studio flash

If greater power and an even shorter flash duration are what you’re after, look no further than the Pro-10

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