FEED issue 22

10 YOUR TAKE Advertising Innovation

The new advertising landscape requires creative use of social media, data and audience participation NOT YOUR PARENTS’ ADVERTISING

or years, television dominated as the avenue preferred by advertisers for promoting their products to the public, but the

landscape is now very different. The level of competition has increased dramatically: there is a wide spectrum of broadcast channels to choose from and technology has changed the way brands communicate with consumers. Add to all this the fact that consumers have more control than ever before, and it’s clear brands now need to adapt to keep up with the changing media environment. Indeed, whole advertising models have been altered, with AVOD, SVOD and TVOD all battling for supremacy. SVOD (subscription video on demand) is currently leading the way, with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime enjoying a head start on traditional players after building a customer base through subscriptions. As they reach a critical mass of audiences and a saturation point, they’ll need to find new ways to monetise content – which is when the AVOD model will come into play again. With things constantly developing, what are the key trends that advertisers should be thinking about and how can they plan for success in a changing industry? INFLUENCING Central to the shift that has taken place over the last five years has been the move away from traditional advertising towards content-driven advertising – commonly known as ‘influencing’. Gone are the days when brands would repeatedly broadcast the same content


Advertisers need to adapt in order to engage their audiences

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